Rebellion is the new "Hourglass Figure"

In a nutshell, I hand pick && change who will && can do good. That’s probably the only good I do. But the love of my life can be anything, && I let anything happen to him, while I protect him from what’s a burden. (;

Does it count if you are alone && you’ve brought yourself nothing? Your will, will deceive you, && you know. But who controls your will?


It’s not fair when your a bloodsucking monster, && you have love inside your chest . It’s not fair at all. </3 T_T Irony I’ll accept because my revenge is hell on earth. && I like myself like that. Groundless.

He took the memories of all the men I had ever had && had been with. && I was okay with that. Next chapter. <3


I’ll give you anything.

Yeah, bitch? A kidney.

I fucks him && he likes me, he doesn’t fucks me && I like him.


When your bestfriend that’s been hurt a lot finds someone to love .


I hope everyone is having a grrrrrreat summer!!!

I feed the men of good, for I know they are spit on && lied to.


I said &#8220;okay&#8221; .

I said “okay” .